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Fuji CLI Overview


About this Document

This document will give an overview of the Fuji CLI application as well as provide detailed information about each Fuji CLI command. This document will continue to grow as more commands are added to the Fuji CLI application.

About the CLI

Currently the main purpose of the Fuji CLI is to perform administration task to the OSGi based Fuji Runtime. The CLI is itself an OSGi service, and takes advantage of the OSGi Configuration Admin Service to perform its requested tasks. By listing your services, you can see if the CLI has been install.

-> ps
   ID   State         Level  Name
[   0] [Active     ] [    0] System Bundle (1.2.1)
[   1] [Active     ] [    1] Apache Felix Shell Service (1.0.2)
[   2] [Active     ] [    1] Apache Felix Shell TUI (1.0.2)
[   3] [Active     ] [    1] Apache Felix Configuration Admin Service (1.0.4)
[   4] [Active     ] [    1] Apache Felix Bundle Repository (1.2.0)
[  26] [Active     ] [    1] Fuji Admin CLI (1.0.0.M4-SNAPSHOT)

Fuji CLI Command Syntax Overview

Basic Syntax

The Fuji CLI can be access from with-in a running OSGi command shell. For our examples, we will be using the Felix OSGi command shell. The syntax fot the Fuji Cli will be as follows:

fuji command-name [--option=option-argument]* [operand]

Command Help

Help can be display by specifying the --help or -h option. When the --help option is specified with a command, the help for that command will be displayed. When the --help option is uses without a command, a list of available fuji cli commands will be displayed.

Will Display the available Fuji CLI Commands:

-> fuji --help

Available fuji Commands

It is legal place the -help or -h option before or after the command:

-> fuji --help set-configuration
-> fuji set-configuration --help

Fuji CLI Commands

The following is a list of available Fuji Cli Commands:

(*) Under Development

Some Bells & Whistles

Symbol Substitution

The CLI will allow environment variable symbol substitution for command names, options and operands. This feature increases the power and feasibility of the CLI. Variable wrapped in ${ } will be substituted by their environment variable values.
fuji set-configuration --name ${P1}
As mentioned above the command name, option and operand can all be substituted, so even the following statement could be a valid command.
fuji ${C1} ${O1} ${P1}

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