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Will set the configuration properties for a specified configurable service. The name of this service must be provided using the --name option. The property values can be specified in the command string or by entering in the name of a file that contains key, value pairs.


fuji set-configuration --name=myinterceptor "p1=value1,p2=value3,p4=value5"
fuji set-configuration --name=myinterceptor c:/temp/my-property-file

The --name options is a required option, since it specifies the configuration that will be configured. The properties that will be set are specified in the commands operand. If an operand is encased in quotes, it will be taken literally, that is spaces will remain spaces. Outside of quotes, spaces are interpreted to be the same as an equal sign (=), which could produce undesirable results if a user carelessly forgets to quote an operand that has property values containing spaces.

    fuji set-configuration --name=myinterceptor "p1=a string with a space, p2=wow"
    p1 = a string with a space
    p2 = wow

    fuji set-configuration --name=myinterceptor p1=one, p2=two
    p1 = one
    p2 = two

    fuji set-configuration --name=myinterceptor p1=a string with a space, p2=wow
    string = with
    a = space
    p2 = wow
    p1 = a

OptionValueOption DescriptionRequired Option
--name name The name of the configuration service that will be managed Yes
--help Will display the help for this command No

OperandOperand DescriptionRequired
["](name=value)[,name=value]*["] | filepath The name=value paired sequence, each sequence being separated by a
comma, or the name of a resource file containing the name value pairs

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