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Initial install time configuration for the interceptor is defined in a configuration properties file, which is packaged with the interceptor bundle, i.e the META-INF/interceptor/interceptor-name/ file. The initial configuration can be generated at interceptor design time, updated by the developer and packaged with the interceptor bundle.

Generating the Interceptor Configuration File

In NetBeans the interceptor configuration file can be generated, by right clicking on the Interceptor Project and then selecting Custom->Generate Artifacts

The step above generates a configuration properties file, this file contains the scope definition as defined in the interceptor @Intercept annotation. For the interceptor defined in the above project the generate file is as follows:

Updating the Interceptor Configuration File

A developer can update the scope definition and/or add new configuration for the interceptor. "myTimeout" is one such uder defined field which is being added by updating the configuration file below :

Packaging the Interceptor Configuration File

The interceptor properties file is packaged with the interceptor bundled when it's built :

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