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Aggregate Enterprise Integration Pattern Extensibility: IFL


A "java" type can be specified for the Aggregate EIP, this extends aggregate to invoke simple POJO's to perform the aggregation task.


The "java" type can be specified for aggregate as follows:

With external configuration

    aggregate java "myaggregate"

With inline configuration

    aggregate java ("name=value,*")

Aggregator POJO

When the "java" type is specified for aggregate, a user defined POJO is plugged into the framework for aggregation.

A template POJO which implements the Aggregate EIP extension interface is generated in the application's space, this POJO can be updated by a developer to customize the aggregation behaviour.

The default package and class name of the generated Aggregate POJO defaults to "aggregate.{aggregateName}" and "Aggregator". In case the configuration is external, then aggregateName = externalConfigName, if it's inline then the aggregateName is a system generated name. A user can specify a classname/packagename in the configuration to override the defaults.

For example:

With external configuration

    aggregate java "myaggregate"

The Aggregate POJO has :

    packagename = aggregate.myaggregate
    classname   = Aggregator

Location of the generated source file:


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