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Fuji Message ID Prefixes

All Fuji messages must be prefixed with a message ID. The format of the message ID is ESBxxx-0123, where xxx is a 3-character code representing the subcomponent, and 0123 is a sequential message number. The table below lists message ID prefixes for various subcomponents of Fuji, along with the package name where the resource bundle resides.

Functional AreaPackage NameMessage ID Prefix
Command Line Interfacecom.sun.jbi.fuji.admin.cli
IFL Parsercom.sun.jbi.fuji.iflESBIFL
JMX connectorcom.sun.jbi.fuji.admin.jmxESBJMX
Logging Servicecom.sun.jbi.fuji.loggingESBLOG
Proxy Bundlecom.sun.jbi.bundle.proxyESBPRX

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