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Fuji Milestone 2


Enhanced support for Enterprise Integration Patterns


New interceptor support which allows cross-cutting concerns such as logging, auditing, and security (to name a few) to be addressed in a modular fashion. Services can be enriched with additional functionality without changing the service implementation. More information can be found on the Interceptors page.

Improved Tooling

Lots and lots of new NetBeans support to make developers more productive. Great new editing features for IFL and service configuration.

More Distribution Options

Introduction of a "proxy" bundle which allows the ESB to extended through a distributed message bus. Learn more on the Distributed JBI page.

Reactive Runtime

The platform detects application changes and automatically refreshes the deployed version of an application with updates. See the ReactiveRuntime page for more information.

More service types

  • Database
  • SMTP
  • FTP
  • HL7

IFL language enhancements

  • Nested route definitions
  • Support for inline and external configuration
  • Added EIP keywords: split, aggregate, filter

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