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Fuji Milestone 4

New to Fuji and interested in an overview and/or some of the technical details of the project? Check out the Project Fuji landing page.


Enhanced support for Enterprise Integration Patterns

Simple Service API

The Service API provides a convenient way to consume and provide services in code running on the Java platform. Potential clients of this API include Plain-Old Java Objects, scripts, OSGi bundles, webapps, and any other code that runs inside a Java VM. More information can be found on the Service API page.


Aspects are specialized interceptors that provide useful add-on functionality accessible to any deployment within the Fuji environment without requiring changes to business logic. In this milestone, the basic aspects framework has been completed, and the first general-use aspect, the Logging Aspect, has been included. For details, see the Aspects page and the Logging Aspect page.

Command Line Interface

A new command-line interface has been added to provide simple command-line management of various parts of the system. In this milestone, the CLI can be used to manage runtime logger settings and configuration of interceptors. For more information see the Fuji CLI page.

Configurable Interceptors

Enhancements to support configuration of interceptors. For details see the Interceptor Configuration page.

Improved Tooling

  • Loads of new NetBeans IDE support to make developers more productive. New editing features for IFL and interceptor configuration. Full support for all service types.
  • Web UI includes support for the new EIPs and new service types, as well as configuration support.
  • Basic editing support for IFL in Eclipse IDE.

New Service Type

  • Scheduler

IFL language enhancements

  • Named route definitions
  • New EIP keywords: tee (for Wire Tap), select (for Content Based Router)

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