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Fuji Milestone 5


Enhanced support for Enterprise Integration Patterns

  • New EIPs:
    • Routing Slip allows a message to be routed to different services dynamically, using Message Exchange properties.
    • Scatter Gather allows a message to be broadcast to multiple services, and then the output messages from those services to be aggregated back together. This is implemented using the existing broadcast and aggregate EIPs.
  • Enhanced EIPs:
    • Aggregate
      • Now supports an "order" option which specifies how the aggregated messages are ordered in the exchange. Ordering can be based on creation time, receipt time, and message sequence property.
      • Can now group messages based on a correlation id, the default correlation id being the value of the message property org.glassfish.openesb.messaging.groupid.
      • The wait option has been replaced by the timeout option.
      • Can now be extended with Java callouts.

New Service Types

  • Email Supports IMAP and POP3 protocols for receiving mail, and SMTP protocol for sending mail. This service type replaces the SMTP service type, which is now deprecated and will be removed in Milestone 6.
  • REST Supports calling external restful web services (outbound only).

Logging Aspect

  • Support added for specifying a log content separator

Policy Aspect

Updates to Command Line Interface

  • A new list-components command has been added. The command has an option --type with values binding, engine, or all allowed. The default is all.
  • The list-loggers and set-logger commands have been enhanced to support component loggers, and to support filters on the logger names.

Improved Tooling

  • Web UI
    • Support for the new service types EMail and REST
    • Enhancements for the Scheduler service type:
      • Hybrid triggers are now supported
  • NetBeans IDE
    • All plugins have been migrated to NetBeans 6.5
    • Improvements to code completion in IFL editor
    • Log view added to server support
    • Option to keep Fuji server running upon exiting IDE
  • Eclipse IDE - New!
    • Basic server runtime management support (start/stop, CLI interface from IDE)
    • Deployment support from project to runtime
    • Supports both Equinox and Felix runtimes

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