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Fuji Milestone 5

NOTE: This page is under construction and is not yet complete

New to Fuji and interested in an overview and/or some of the technical details of the project? Check out the Project Fuji landing page.


Enhanced support for Enterprise Integration Patterns

  • New EIPs:
    • Routing Slip allows a message to be routed to different services dynamically, using Message Exchange properties.
    • Scatter Gather allows a message to be broadcast to multiple services, and then the output messages from those services to be aggregated back together. This is implemented using the existing broadcast and aggregate EIPs.
  • Enhanced EIPs:
    • Aggregate
      • Now supports an "order" option which specifies how the aggregated messages are ordered in the exchange. Ordering can be based on creation time, receipt time, and message sequence property.
      • Can now group messages based on a correlation id, the default correlation id being the value of the message property org.glassfish.openesb.messaging.groupid.
      • The wait option has been replaced by the timeout option.
      • Can now be extended with Java callouts.

New Service Types

  • Email (replaces SMTP) Supports IMAP and POP3 protocols for receiving mail, and SMTP protocol for sending mail.
  • REST Supports calling external restful web services (outbound only).

Logging Aspect

  • Support added for specifying a log content separator

Policy Aspect

Updates to Command Line Interface

  • A new list-components command has been added. The command has an option --type with values binding, engine, or all allowed. The default is all.
  • The list-logger and set-logger commands have been enhanced to support component loggers, and to support filters on the logger names.

Improved Tooling

  • Web UI
    • Support for the new service types EMail and REST
    • Enhancements for the Scheduler service type:
      • Hybrid triggers are now supported
  • NetBeans IDE
    • All plugins have been migrated to NetBeans 6.5
    • Improvements to code completion in IFL editor
    • Log view added to server support
    • Option to keep Fuji server running upon exiting IDE
  • Eclipse IDE - New!
    • Basic server runtime management support (start/stop, CLI interface from IDE)
    • Deployment support from project to runtime
    • Supports both Equinox and Felix runtimes

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