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Fuji Milestone 6



Enhanced support for Enterprise Integration Patterns

Felix runtime upgraded to version 1.8.0

GlassFish v3 Integration

  • Fuji server can run on the GlassFish v3 OSGi runtime
  • Fuji / GlassFish v3 bundle now available
  • Deployment of Fuji applications supported (no support yet for combined Java EE / Fuji applications)

Enhanced Service Types

  • REST service now has SSL support

New Service Types

  • Java Supports callouts to POJOs


Updates to Command Line Interface

  • CLI now available in Equinox as well as Felix
  • New commands for managing custom EIPs:
    • add-eip
    • update-eip
    • remove-eip
    • list-eips
    • show-eip
    • generate-eip-template
  • New commands for managing dynamically created aspects:
    • create-aspect
    • delete-aspect

Improved Tooling

  • Web UI
    • Java service type, basic support
      • Currently limited to a single java file per class
      • Classpath consists of Fuji API, POJO SE API and JBI framework classes
    • AWS S3 service type, a prototype that we hope to make into a more generic way to interface with services running in a Cloud. Feedback on this feature is welcome.
    • Real-time message flow monitoring/debugging
      • Icon in toolbar to enable/disable
      • Allows display of message content at each step in the route
      • Raw protocol-specific message content planned for future development
    • New properties to support use of an external subversion repository for storing artifacts: fuji.svn.url, fuji.svn.user and fuji.svn.password
    • Support for editing external configuration of EIPs, external artifacts for services (message.xsd, interface.wsdl, binding.wsdl)
    • New "view IFL" icon in toolbar allows viewing the generated IFL
    • Last-edited message flow remembered on restart, pull-down menu for selecting other previously edited message flows
  • NetBeans IDE
    • Support for starting Fuji server in debug mode, allows debugging Java code, including interceptors
    • Allow editing of service configuration files from IFL editor by prompting to generate artifacts if they haven't already been generated
    • Support for editing interceptor configuration from the Fuji server manager

For a complete list of issues fixed in this release, see here .


  • Included in this distribution:
    • Fuji framework
    • Demo application (m2app) and mock MDM service (m2mdm)
    • Service Engines:
      • JRuby (sun-jruby-engine)
      • POJO (sun-pojo-engine)
    • Binding Components:
      • Database (sun-database-binding)
      • Email (sun-email-binding)
      • File (sun-file-binding)
      • FTP (sun-ftp-binding)
      • REST (sun-rest-binding)
      • Scheduler (sun-scheduler-binding)
    • Shared Libraries
      • Encoder (sun-encoder-library)
      • Shared Utility (sun-shared-util-library)
      • WSDL (sun-wsdl-library)
    • Apache Felix OSGi framework and supporting technologies (e.g. Event Admin)
    • Simple JNDI
    • Apache Derby client and server
  • File Layout
      bin/               # location of felix framework
      bundle/            # fuji bundles
      conf/              # fuji configuration
      jndi/              # JNDI resource definitions
      samples/           # sample applications
      README.txt         # no one ever reads this

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