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Fuji Milestone 6

Prerequisities: a Sun JDK version 1.5.0_14 or later for JDK 5, or version 1.6.0_03 or later for JDK 6

See here for instructions on installing the Fuji GlassFish runtime


  • Installing the Fuji Felix runtime:
  • Installing the Fuji NetBeans modules:
    • Download the NetBeans modules
    • Unzip the file and you will find the Fuji plugins nbm files under the nb-plugins-1.0-M6 directory.
    • Install the nbm files into your NetBeans IDE
    • For more detailed instructions, see here, using "1.0-M6" in place of "<version>" in the instructions.
  • Installing the Fuji Eclipse plugins:
    • Download the Eclipse plugins
    • Install the plugins into your Eclipse IDE - see here, using "1.0-M6-SNAPSHOT" in place of "<version>" in the instructions.

Starting Fuji on Felix

  • Make sure you are in the fuji directory of your extracted distribution
  • This command will start up the Felix runtime with all the required bundles already installed:

    java -jar bin/felix.jar
  • When you receive the "Welcome to Felix" message, you're up and running! You can enter Felix commands at the Felix command prompt.

Stopping Fuji on Felix

  • At the Felix command prompt, simply enter:


Running the Web UI

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