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Fuji Milestone 8

This page is under construction


Lots of cleanup of existing functionality - fixing issues that have been found, implementing minor enhancements

Release updates

  • NetBeans updated from 6.5.1 to 6.7

Migration of remaining components to latest nightly builds from open-jbi-components (HTTP BC, XSLT SE)

IFL enhancements

  • Added support for operation to be added to the service name on a route

Enhanced support for Enterprise Integration Patterns

  • All EIP Routes are now published as OSGi services that can be called from JRuby/Rest using the ServiceConsumer API
  • Enhanced EIPs:
    • Content Based Router: Dynamic control of all CBR types. The Regex and Xpath filter types can be used dynamically. When Regex or XPath is used, only configurations specifying the given type can be used. When any is used, configurations specifying Xpath, Regex and Header can be used.
    • Scatter/Gather: Enhanced so that timeout isn't required in Aggregate in many cases
    • Split: Added support for Java and XSL extensibility
    • Tee: Added annotation support. This inserts comments into the outgoing message containing information for the MessageExchange and NormalizedMessage.

GlassFish v3 Integration

  • Full support for JBI component installation and service assembly deployments
  • Support for GlassFish application server class loader access from components
  • For details click on the "Milestone 8" tab on the page here

Initial work for service configuration usability (separate basic from advanced)

  • Configuration schema defined
  • API for service descriptor configuration
  • Prototype for File BC, using Velocity templates to generate appropriate WSDL

Initial work for component pluggability (simplify the addition of new service types)

  • SPI for code generation complete
  • Template support using Velocity engine
  • Service description archetype for generating service-specific descriptor bundles

Aspects / Interceptors

  • Interceptors registered with duplicate names are suffixed with a number to make the names unique.

Improved Tooling

  • Web UI
    • Now you can drag a node out of its parent by holding down the meta key when you start the drag. Meta maps to Ctrl on Windows/Linux and to Command on Mac OS.
    • Numerous minor bug fixes and enhancements (see complete list below)
    • Added support for Java, jRuby, Xml code syntax highlighting
    • Added support for SQL syntax highlighting for Database service type
    • Added support for saving Java code in POJO service
  • NetBeans IDE
    • Migrated to NetBeans 6.7

For a complete list of issues fixed in this release, see here


  • Included in this distribution:
    • Fuji framework
    • Demo application (m2app) and mock MDM service (m2mdm)
    • Service Engines:
      • JRuby (sun-jruby-engine)
      • POJO (sun-pojo-engine)
      • XSLT (sun-xslt-engine) NEW!
    • Binding Components:
      • Database (sun-database-binding)
      • Email (sun-email-binding)
      • File (sun-file-binding)
      • FTP (sun-ftp-binding)
      • HTTP (sun-http-binding) UPDATED!
      • JMS (sun-jms-binding)
      • REST (sun-rest-binding)
      • RSS (gestalt-rss-binding)
      • Scheduler (sun-scheduler-binding)
      • XMPP (gestalt-xmpp-binding)
    • Shared Libraries
      • Encoder (sun-encoder-library)
      • Shared Utility (sun-shared-util-library)
      • WSDL (sun-wsdl-library)
    • Apache Felix OSGi framework and supporting technologies (e.g. Event Admin)
    • Simple JNDI
    • Apache Derby client and server
  • File Layout
      bin/               # location of felix framework
      bundle/            # fuji bundles
      conf/              # fuji configuration
      jndi/              # JNDI resource definitions
      samples/           # sample applications
      README.txt         # no one ever reads this

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