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Fuji Milestone 8

Prerequisities: a Sun JDK version 1.5.0_14 or later for JDK 5, or version 1.6.0_03 or later for JDK 6. Note that if you plan to deploy any applications that include Java code that is compiled by the web UI (such as POJO services or EIPs with embedded Java code), you must use JDK 5. See this issue for more information.

See here for instructions on installing the Fuji GlassFish runtime


  • Installing the Fuji Felix runtime:
  • Installing the Fuji NetBeans modules:
    • Download the NetBeans modules
    • Unzip the file and you will find the Fuji plugins nbm files under the nb-plugins-1.0-M8 directory.
    • Install the nbm files into your NetBeans IDE
    • For more detailed instructions, see here, using "1.0-M8" in place of "<version>" in the instructions.
  • Installing the Fuji Eclipse plugins:
    • Download the Eclipse plugins
    • Install the plugins into your Eclipse IDE - see here, using "1.0-M6-SNAPSHOT" in place of "<version>" in the instructions.

Starting Fuji on Felix

  • Make sure you are in the fuji directory of your extracted distribution
  • This command will start up the Felix runtime with all the required bundles already installed:

    java -jar bin/felix.jar
  • When you receive the "Welcome to Felix" message, you're up and running! You can enter Felix commands at the Felix command prompt.

Stopping Fuji on Felix

  • At the Felix command prompt, simply enter:


Running the Web UI

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