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Using Open JBI Components in Fuji


Open JBI Components:

Open JBI Components fosters community-based development of JBI components that conform to the Java Business Integration specification.
Please visit Open JBI Components in

Open JBI Components in Fuji

OJC functionality in Fuji will be delivered in phases. In the first phase, components will continue to function as they do in OpenESB V2.
In the second phase components may leverage services offered in OSGi registry.
Open JBI Components that are verified in Fuji are deployed into Fuji maven repository here

Available components

The following components have been tested in Apache Felix 1.0.4.
Some components need simple tweaks to Felix configuration.
For component specific tips and tricks and sample applications, please follow the component link.

Shared Libraries


Components with IFL support


IFL support coming soon


Generating component bundles

Maven Bundle Plugin:

Open JBI Components use Maven Bundle Plugin to generate the bundle manifest.
For more information on the bundle plugin, please visit
If you are looking for a sample, please take a look at the packaging project for sun-file-binding here

Service archetype:

If you want your component to be available as a service type in IFL, you have to develop a service archetype.
For a sample archetype, please see the sun-file-binding service archetype here


Before a component is deployed into Fuji maven repository it has to be verified using the following tests.

1)Component should install, uninstall, start, stop without any errors.
2)Component should deploy applications, undeploy applications, start applications, stop applications.
3)Component should pass end-to-end testing (i.e. message exchanges).

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