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Name Date Link Description
NEW! M6 Highlights: Named routes and "shortcuts" May 30, 2009 QuickTime Showcases two new experimental features in Fuji web tooling aimed at facilitating services reuse.
NEW! M6 Highlights: POJO Services May 30, 2009 QuickTime Introduction to the new POJO services.
NEW! M6 Highlights: Amazon S3 Support May 30, 2009 QuickTime Demonstrates the brand new Amazon Simple Storage Service support, shows the process of creation of an application allowing to batch-manage amazon-hosted files.
pre-Milestone 6 Demo May 11, 2009 Flash Shows Scheduler triggering a Database read of an Orders table; uses CBR to route Order Confirmation, if customer is a GOLD status or purchase is >= $20, to EMail; otherwise sent by batch FTP
Showing off Milestone 5 April 16th, 2009 Part 1 QuickTime
Part 2 QuickTime
Part 1 shows how to create Fuji from scratch, and then create a simple "note taking" application. Part 2 demonstrates using the web tooling to enhance the application and gives a tour of some of the new features introduced in Milestone 5.
Milestone 3 Demo November 25th, 2008 Flash Introducing Web-Based Service Composition.
Milestone 2 Demo October 21st, 2008 Flash See the latest Fuji features in action!
Iterative Development Prototype September 26th, 2008 Flash Screencast showing a prototype of the iterative development in Project Fuji. It shows enhancing message flows, re-using services and round-tripping between web-based and IDE tooling.
Behold: Interceptors July 2nd, 2008 Flash This video serves as an introduction to interceptors in Fuji with details on when you might want to use an interceptor along with a coding example.
Dynamic service composition in a browser. May 23rd, 2008 Flash This shows how easy it is to dynamically compose services in our browser-based web UI.
Building an end-to-end integration application. May 3rd, 2008 QuickTime or Flash This is the demo presented at JavaOne 2008, showing how to create and end-to-end application using NetBeans and Fuji.


Name Date Link Description
JavaOne 2009 Hands-on Lab June 18, 2009 PDF Implementing Enterprise Integration Patterns with GlassFish v3 and OpenESB v3 (LAB-6264)


Name Date Link Description
Fuji M2 Demo Application Oct 6th, 2008 FujiM2DemoApp This demo application covers most of the new functionality being introduced in Milestone 2.


Name Date Link Description
Fuji Motivation and Direction June 29th, 2009 PDF OpenOffice This presentation explains some of the motivation and direction of Fuji, plus takes a look at some of the features being developed.

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