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Service API

1. Overview

2. Consuming Services

3. Providing Services

4. Message Processing

5. API Details

6. Deployment Choices


The Service API provides a convenient way to consume and provide services in code running on the Java platform. Potential clients of this API include Plain-Old Java Objects, scripts, OSGi bundles, webapps, and any other code that runs inside a Java VM. It's best to think of the Service API as a bridge between code that is hosted outside of a JBI component and service endpoints available on the NMR. JBI components can invoke services provided through the Service API and clients of the Service API can invoke services provided by JBI components. In fact, a JBI component need not be involved if two clients of the Service API simply wish to leverage the NMR as a scalable communication medium.

The Service API leverages the OSGi service registry to publish and discover service consumer and provider instances. Clients of the Service API have an option to write code which interacts with the OSGi service registry directly, but this is not a requirement. A set of annotations are available in the Service API which allow for dynamic injection (consumed services) and extraction (provided services). More details can be found in the API Details section.

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