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Creating a Release

  1. ssh into jaxbld01 as user opensource
  2. cd to the checkout directory under /home/opensource

Releasing common-jbi-runtime and sip-utilities

  1. run svn up to get the latest changes
  2. run mvn release:clean release:prepare -DdryRun=true
  3. verify files are correct.
  4. run mvn release:clean release:prepare --batch-mode -Dusername=johndoe -Dpassword=password
    • This will actually create a tag for the release, 0.9.2, and commit the tag. Then it will increment your current projects version and commit those updates.
  5. run mvn release:perform
    • deploys the release artifacts to the local checkout directory for the maven2 repository.
  6. run mvn deploy to deploy the snapshot artifacts required for external users (Sun CI) to build our components since Open-Jbi-Components depends on SNAPSHOT versions.
  7. cd to /home/opensource/checkout/
  8. run svn st | grep "?" | awk '{print $2}' | xargs svn add
  9. run svn st and then svn ci -m 'comment'
  10. verify they were committed correctly here.
  11. verify it's presence here

Releasing RSS, UDDI, and XMPP BC

  1. run svn up to get the latest changes
  2. Make sure you are in the top level directory (e.g. trunk, to further verify that artifact ID for the pom should be build-common)
  3. run mvn release:clean release:prepare -DdryRun=true -Dcommon.jbi.runtime.version=0.9.0 -Djalopy.maven.plugin.version=1.0-alpha-1
  4. verify files are correct.
  5. execute mvn release:clean release:prepare --batch-mode -Dcommon.jbi.runtime.version=0.9.0 -Djalopy.maven.plugin.version=1.0-alpha-1 -Dusername=johndoe -Dpassword=password
  6. run mvn release:clean
  7. update the head parent pom.xml to reflect the next version of common-jbi-runtime and check it in
  8. Checkout the release (in /checkout/releases) in order to update the parent pom with the correct common-jbi-runtime version.
    • svn co rss-bc-0.9.2
  9. Open the parent pom.xml and change the common.jbi.runtime.version property to reflect the correct non-snapshot version and commit
  10. run mvn clean install to build the release to update to the projects download section
  11. Update the development status version number on the home page
  12. check in the release binary and the release distrubution (e.g. www/target/ to the www/downloads folder
  13. Update the downloads.htm page, make sure to include the binary as well as the distribution (the distro contains the docs and the binary).
  14. copy the next release snapshot to Open-Jbi-Components
    • first delete our .m2/com/gestalt/jbi/components/common directory to ensure open-jbi-components builds correctly

Releasing SIP BC

  1. Exactly the same except:
    • update the SIP BC parent pom to use the latest release of sip-message-utilities before release (when updating version of common-jbi-runtime)

Updating Open-JBI-Components release pom

  1. The release pom in Open-JBI-Components needs to be updated in order to prevent their internal builds from failing
  2. Note you will need commit access for this step
  3. If you have any questions please email
  4. Checkout the source for open-jbi-components (or specifically /open-jbi-components/packaging/release-package/ since it takes a long time to check out OJC)
  5. Open and edit the file /open-jbi-components/packaging/release-package/pom.xml
    • Modify the properties at the bottom for , , ,

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