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Assigning, Fixing, and Closing Defects

  • Goal - Set up a policy for addressing defects for the following projects:
  • Creating New Issues - The following will outline the quidelines for newly created issues
    • 1. The New Issue must contain the following:
      • a. Accurate description of what the issue is
      • b. Accurate description of the environment for which the bug was found
      • c. Failing Test Case - If this is not present we cannot reproduce the problem
      • d. Expected Behavior - What we should expect to see happen
    • Issue priorities are P5 (minor), P3 (medium), P1 (critical)
  • Assigning Issues - The role of assigning issues will fall on one of the project owners. When a new issue is created one of the project owners will assign the issue to one of the project members. This does not mean that the assigned person is responsible for fixing the issue, however they are responsible for monitoring the progress and verifying the fix. Once the issue is fixed the Assigned project member will mark the issue as resolved.
  • Fixing Issues - The individual responsible for fixing an issue shall provide accurate documentation of what occurred upon resolving an issue. (e.g. documenting what the fix was, why it couldn't be fixed, etc.).
  • Closing Issues - One of the project owners will be responsible for verifying the resolved issue and closing the issue. If the issue assignee is a project owner, it should be another project owner that closes the issue.

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