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GlassFish ESB is composed as a set of SOA and XML modules built on the top of the latest NetBeans 6.9 binary.

Required tools

  • JDK 1.6.x
  • Hg 1.4.x
  • Ant 1.8.x
  • CVS 1.11.x

Working directory

If you don't have the sources, clone it from

$ mkdir home $ cd home $ hg -v clone $ cd main

If you have already the sources, update it:

$ hg -v pull -u

Steps to build

For Windows:

$ set ANT_HOME= $ set ANT_OPTS=-Xmx512m $ set JAVA_HOME=

For Unix:

$ export ANT_HOME= $ export ANT_OPTS=-Xmx512m $ export JAVA_HOME=

Download the latest binaries of NetBeans 6.9 from and unzip it into nbbuild/netbeans. IMPORTANT: you should download bundle which contains Java Web and EE

Start build process

$ cd nbbuild/sierra $ ant init $ ant clean $ ant build

The folder home/main/nbbuild/netbeans will contain the NetBeans with built SOA and XML modules.


To run tests, do the following:

$ ant get-test // downloads BPEL projects from $ ant unit-test // runs unit tests $ ant test // runs sample and project tests

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