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Release notes for GlassFish ESB Milestone 2

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Common fault and error strategy (systemic quality) Throttling & serial processing (systemic quality) Sync read File binding wizard/Enhanced CASA File binding configuration NM properties (for context query and dynamic addressing) Enhanced file processing protocol Alerts and endpoint statistics (systemic quality) Binary/JBI Attachment support Binary data support Recovery (systemic quality)


Common fault and error strategy (systemic quality) Throttling & serial processing (systemic quality) Sync receive JMS binding wizard/Enhanced CASA JMS binding configuration NM properties (for context query and dynamic addressing) Alerts and endpoint statistics (systemic quality) Binary data/JBI attachment support Recovery (systemic quality)


FAM 8.0 integration for basic authentication AM legacy mode support for basic authentication SOAP 1.2 support (design time and runtime) SOAP attachment support (runtime only) SOAP header propagation HTTP header/binding context propagation Custom runtime properties propagation (for NHIN) WS-Addressing enhancement 2-way SSL support


  • New Binding file type to access binding wizard
  • Added password support in the generic Application Configuration editor
  • Enabled WSIT configuration for SOAP 1.2 in CASA Editor
  • Added tabular data support in the configuration extension framework.
  • Added default value support in configuration extension.
  • Endpoint statistics (Average Component Time, Average Delivery Channel Time and Average Message Service Time) ) in JBI Manager


  • product registration migrated to a relay web app running on browser
  • Registration options added to netbeans and admin console


No Change - all features were released with Milestone1


  • BPEL calling Java through XPath
  • Monitoring - search by variable capability
  • getBPID, getGUID support
  • Datetime conversion function support -
    • op:dateTime-less-than
    • op:date-less-than
    • op:time-less-than

Data Mashup

  • REST support: Dynamic Resource URI construction - reach any row and any column by dynamically constructing URI)
  • Ability to paginate response.
  • Design time configuration of response type
  • Exposing Single Table (External) as a service
  • Ability to Remount Flatfile tables
  • Ability to Refresh Metadata (Synchronization with underlying database/table metadata).
  • 508 compliance
  • Globalization and L10N
  • Systemic Qualities implemented.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Exposed table/collaboration properties.
  • Un-Join / Remove tables from collaboration.
  • Integrated improved Data View (Right-click on Table and select "Show Data" option).


Systemic Qualities
  • Unique Message Ids
  • Dynamic Addressing
  • Common Fault/Error Strategy
  • Binding Configuration Panels in WSDL Editor and CASA Editor


LDAP-specific features
  • LDAP Search Paging
  • WSDL from LDIF file wizard
  • LDAP Control Extension Support: paging and sorting
  • Multiple operations in a single wsdl
  • Update "add" operation to have return values

Systemic Qualities

  • Logging
  • Password Handling
  • Runtime Monitoring
  • Common Fault, Error Handling
  • Dynamic Addressing
  • Binding Configuration Panels in CASA Editor
  • Application Configuration/Application Variables.


DB-Specific features
  • Generate WSDL from SQL
  • CLOB/BLOB Support
  • Updated bug fixes for Prepared Statement and Stored Procedures.

Systemic Qualities

  • Password Handling
  • Common Fault, Error Handling
  • Throttling
  • Serial Processing, Message Ordering
  • Binding Configuration Panel in CASA Editor
  • Dynamic Addressing
  • Runtime Monitoring

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