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Current Features

  • Supports the WSDL 1.1 and SOAP 1.1 specs. Message exchanges to and from this BC make use of the JBI WSDL 1.1 wrapper for the normalized message.
  • SOAP binding from WSDL 1.1 spec
  • HTTP binding from WSDL 1.1 spec (no Mime bindings)
  • WS-I basic profile 1.1 compliant
  • Supports Document and RPC style web services
  • Supports literal use and SOAP encoding
  • Supports the common convention of WSDL retrieval via <service uri>?wsdl
  • Uses XML Catalogs following the OASIS Committee Specification - these allow the component to resolve schemas locally without resorting to network access
  • Packages an embedded HTTP server (Grizzly)
  • Uses asynchronous I/O (NIO) in the server to service 1000s of concurrent incoming requests
  • Full JAX-WS integration for incoming and outgoing requests.
  • Metro(JAX-WS/WSIT) integration to support WS-* features (including WS-Security, WS-Addressing, WS-Reliable Messaging, WS-Transaction etc.) for incoming and outgoing requests.
  • Supports glassfish cluster mode
  • Supports JBI service unit deployments to define the web services to provision or consume.
  • Makes use of the WSDL extensibility (standard SOAP and HTTP extensions)
  • Supports transport level user authentication for both HTTP/SOAP bindings, Basic authentication support using AccessManager, Appserver/Glassfish realm, wss-token compare
  • Supports HTTP and HTTPS connections.
  • Supports BC to BC communications without the need for an intermediate transformation like BPEL SE
  • Soap 1.2 support
  • Soap attachment support
  • WS-Security, wsit support

CAPS5 vs. CAPS6 feature comparison

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