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This page will provide a starting point for people who want to know what kind of contributions would be helpful to the greater Open ESB community. It is not only coders who can contribute but also testers, users, or anyone who has an interest in Open ESB.

The list of products / projects already in works can be viewed here .

Help required is based on below categories:

  • Design: Choose to design one or more of the products.

  • Development: Itchy hands, wanting to code? You can choose to contribute to the community from the given list to help bring imagination to reality.

  • Support: Wanting to get started with OpenESB or any of its products? You could get started by helping to fix open issues or requests from users of OpenESB and get acquainted with the product and codebase.

  • Testing & Feedback: Components that are actively under development that need user testing and feedback.

  • Localization: You are an expert in Internationalization or an expert in a particular language? Your expertise is valuable to help translate Open ESB resource files into different languages.

  • Content Creation: Specialize in creating content? You could help the OpenESB community by creating or enhancing the content for various products - whitepapers, reference material, product documentation, research articles or in any of your own creative ways.

See also: How to become a contributor

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