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This page provides links to early access documentation for BPELSE

How to use the Logging and Alerting feature?

How do I use the BPEL-SE's systemFault feature?

How to use Dynamic Addressing feature?

How to do Dynamic addressing when the number of partners is also dynamic

  • link (Uses workaround for "for-each" parallel)

How and for what do I use Compensation Handler?

How do i call an XSLT Transformation from my BPEL?

More Examples here

How do i call an EJB(JavaEE) service from my BPEL?

How do I use BPEL documentation and Report Generation feature?

How do I monitor BPEL process instances?

What is BPEL persistence and how do I use it?

How do I create and use a correlation?
How to call BPEL from IEP and to invoke IEP from BPEL?

How to configure Quality of Service(QoS) parameters for BPEL endpoints?

How to write Application for KPI processing?
Please make sure that you enable "KPI Enabled" attribute on component configuration.

How to setup and use BPELSE Clustering Features? How to verify the correlation support in BPELSE?

This will walk you through the practical aspects of enabling clustering support for BPEL SE. A simple project will be used to explain various checkpoints to follow for better insights into working on BPELSE on cluster and to ensure proper functioning. This will also demonstrate BPEL SE support of business processes with correlation defined on cluster.
Setting GlassFish ESB cluster
Clustering Support Example
Setting up BPEL-SE cluster on independent GlassFish domains (No GlassFish cluster)
Clustering Design Details

What is the shutdown procedure for the BPEL-SE?

How to get and set soap headers from a bpel process.

SOAP headers are not passed from the SOAP binding component unless they are defined as an explicit message part in the Abstract WSDL of the service being called/invoked. Pymma Consulting has provided a tutorial explaining how to do this, even for services which do not originally have the necessary information in the abstract wsdl definition.

How to use extend BPEL Editor to add new custom activity?

How to use wsdl/xsd from another project without copying them (using resources by reference)?

How to call Java methods from business process?

How to in-line a binary attachment in BPEL process?

More Examples here . Please scroll down to "How To..." Movies

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