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IEP Editor Terminology and Naming

Originally developed by Bob May. Now maintained by Jeff Stein.

The items in red are candidates for deletion.

A major issue yet to be decided is whether to use "event process" or "event processor".

Term Description Example
Design view In an IEP Module project, the view that enables the user to place operators on a canvas and configure them. Drag a Relation Aggregator operator from the Palette to the Design view.
IEP Editor The editor used to modify the relationship of operators in the IDE.
IEP Editor toolbar The toolbar located at the top of the Design View. Not the IDE toolbar.
IEP Module project Contains the .iep project file and the automatically generated .wsdl file. Open the IEP Module project.
operator A component that reads input events (usually a stream or relation), performs some type of processing, and writes any output. Use the Relation Aggregator operator when you want to perform SQL operations on a relation.
Palette The Palette that is available when the Design view is open. Drag a Relation Aggregator operator from the Palette to the Design view.
property editor Dialog box where you configure the properties of an IEP operator. The property editor opens.
relation A collection of tables that have the same schema, and which are all indexed by time. The component has inherited the schema of its input relation.
stream A collection of events that belong to the same schema, events that have timestamps. The event is no longer included in the output stream.

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