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The IEPSE team has developed tests for testing the basic functionality of IEP operators. These are located in the open-esb repository at {OpenESB Root}\open-jbi-components\driver-tests\iepse\. The tests are organized into different folders. For example, the folder open-jbi-components\driver-tests\iepse\IEPRelationAggregator has tests for RelationAggregator.

To test an individual project

  1. Open the comp app project (e.g. open-jbi-components\driver-tests\iepse\IEPDeleteStream\DeleteStreamApp)
  2. Right click on the comp app project node and select "Clean and Build". The build should show a message that it was successful.
  3. Right click on the comp app project node and select "Test". The Netbeans "JUnits Test Results" window will show the results. The right side will have the name of the test that failed and right side will have the logs from the Netbeans Composite App Test Manager (the module that executes the tests).

Some notes on the tests

  • The tests have been written using N2M test framework. Please see for details

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