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IMS Binding WSDL Extensibility Elements

The IMS WSDL extensibility elements allow the user to configure information for the IMS Binding Component: IMS Connectivity details and IMS Request Message Header properties.

IMS Connectivity Information

The IMS Address extensibility element allows the user to specify the name of the server host and the port where the IMS Connect is installed and listening on.
IMS address element attributes:

Attribute Name Description Mandatory Example
imsServer Name of the server host where IMS Connect is installed Yes
imsPort The port that IMS Connect is listening on Yes 7977

The following is a sample usage of the IMS address extensiblity element defined for a service port,

        <wsdl:port name="imsWSDLPort" binding="tns:imsWSDLBinding">
            <ims:address imsServer="" imsPort="7977"/>

IMS Request Message Header

The IMS extensibility element for configuring IMS Request Message is IMS message element. This contains information for connecting to the IMS database and this information is "bound" at the IMS Binding operation's input or output element.
IMS Message Element attributes:

Attribute Name Description Mandatory Example
irmLen Indicates the length of the IRM Structure Yes 80
irmId Indicates the identifier of the user exits that is to be driven after the complete message is received Yes *SAMPL1*
irmTimer Indicates the time delay for the receive to the Datastore after an ACK or RESUME TPIPE Yes .25 SEC
irmSocket Indicates the socket connection type Yes Persistent
irmClientId Indicates the name of the Client ID to be used by IMS Connect Yes test**
irmMod Indicates whether the MFS Message Output Descriptor is returned as part of the output Yes NO_MFS
irmCommitMode Indicates the commit mode Yes COMMIT_MODE_1
irmSyncLevel Indicates whether the message is to be confirmed with an ACK for Commit Mode 1 processing Yes SYNC_LEVEL_NONE

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