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Include Jar Files For Custom Encoder

The encoder runtime support is currently packaged as part of the OpenESB v2.0 runtime environment. It is installed as a JBI shared library. At present time the File BC, JMS BC and FTP BC has implemented the support of encoders in a protocol-specific manner. Sometimes it becomes a requirement that the encoders need to be used outside the tight coupling with the BC's. For example, the encoders (e.g. custom encoder) needs to invoked in a standalone Java SE Application, in EJB exposed as a web service, and in POJO SE to allow flexible user action to take place once the encoders fail decoding/encoding, etc.

To invoke the custom encoder in these above scenarios, you need to include a set of jars for the custom encoder into the libraries of your project. Following shows you how you can locate these set of jars and how you can include them.
  • Locate the encoderlib.jar which may be typically found in $GlassFishESB_INSTALL_ROOT$\glassfish\addons\jbi-components\encoderlib.jar if you have GlassFish ESB installed. This encoderlib.jar file contains following 6 jar files. Unzip it into a temporary directory.
The list of jar files are:
  1. custom.jar
  2. customencoder-xsdextension.jar
  3. encoderfrmwk-xsdextension.jar
  4. encoderfwrt.jar
  5. jsr173_api.jar
  6. xbean.jar
  • Right click on the "Libraries" folder of your project, and select "Add JAR/Folder..."
  • Browse to the temporary directory where the 6 jar files are located, and add them into the Libraries of your project.
  • You should now see these 6 jars are included in the “Libraries” of your project.

  • Any questions/feebacks?

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