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Planning for GlassFish ESB Installation


Before You Install

The following items explain issues to consider before you begin your GlassFish ESB installation.

Mozilla Firefox Version

GlassFish ESB supports Mozilla Firefox v. 2.0 or above for accessing all GlassFish ESB browser components.

Internet Explorer Version

GlassFish ESB supports Internet Explorer 6.0 (Service Pack 1 or Service Pack 2) and Internet Explorer 7.0 for accessing all GlassFish ESB browser components.

GlassFish ESB Installation Requirements

To install GlassFish ESB, you need 185 MB of free storage space.

Windows Pre-Installation

Exit from all Windows programs prior to running the setup.

Default User Names and Passwords

The GlassFish default user name is admin and the password is adminadmin. You use them when you start GlassFish.

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