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Integration Flow Language Overview

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In our effort to make project Fuji simpler and more productive we were looking for way to simplify how composite applications are defined.

What attracted us to a domain specific language (DSL) is:

  • Makes it feasible to type from text editor, focus is Productivity
  • Easier to read without angle brackets “noise” in XML
  • Easy to add tooling on top
  • Is targeted at the specific problems in the domain

There does not seem to be a concise language out there that solves this domain, hence we created a community to help define such as DSL.

Integration Flow Language Overview

The Integration Flow Language (IFL) is an DSL with the following goals:
  • Declare the concrete routing ("flow") of messages between services
  • Provide for a productive work-flow to build services and compose them
  • Allow for the most common message routing constructs to reduce the need for complex orchestration languages for basic tasks

To try and achieve this IFL takes a message based integration view, let's look at an example.

IFL Example

This example receives entries from an RSS feed, filters out unwanted entries in a JRuby filter, then fowards the message in parallel to an instant messaging client and a file archive.

   rss "cnnfeed"
   jruby "filter"
   xmpp "IM"
   file "archive"

   route do
      from "cnnfeed"
      to "filter"
      broadcast do 
         route to "IM"
         route to "archive"

The language uses

  • Basic message routing constructs to link service consumers and providers
  • A "Pipes and Filters" design pattern construct (chain invocations)
  • Leverages enterprise integration patterns principles

Specification and More Details

Shape the development of this language, give feedback on the users mailing list and join the community!

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