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Use Case:

1)jbi-core-installer.jar will be posted in in the same page as Glassfish nightlies.

2)This jar is for users who have an existing Glassfish installation, but want to refresh that with latest JBI nightly build.


1)jbi-core-installer.jar will contain jbi-install.jar.

2)To refresh an existing Glassfish installation, jbi-core-installer.jar will be used as

java -jar jbi-core-installer.jar install

3)when invoked as above the main class in this jar will extract jbi-install.jar into AS_INSTALL and
run AS_INSTALL/jbi/lib/install/setup-jbi.xml script

4)To uninstall the latest build of JBI from Glassfish installation

java -jar jbi-core-installer.jar uninstall

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