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1. Introduction
   1.1. Project/Component Working Name:
	    WSDL Shared Library

   1.2. Name of Document Author/Supplier:

	Yunpeng Zhang:

   1.3. Date of This Document:

	April 3, 2007

2. Project Summary
   2.1. Project Description:
        This project is to provide API backward compatibility and WSDL namespace URI 
        forward compatibility in the JBI WSDL shared library.  This API backward   
        compatibility will let the old clients code compile with the new JBI WSDL
        shared library.  The URI forward compatibility will let us accomodate the
        upcoming change to the WSDL namespace URI from "2006/01/wsdl" to "ns/wsdl".

   2.2. Risks and Assumptions:
	No real risk is involved.

3. Business Summary
   3.1. Problem Area:

        After JBI WSDL shared library was upgrade in Feb 2007, some existing old client
        code could not compile with the new shared library.  In this project, in order 
        to support old client code, we are going to add back the deprecated methods 
        which had been removed.

	When users create WSDL file using "ns/wsdl" as part of the WSDL namespace URI,
        the JBI WSDL shared library should be able to support it.

4. Technical Description:
    4.1. Details:
        For WSDL shared library API backward compatibility, the deprecated API methods 
        should be identified by comparing JBI public WSDL API interfaces between the 
        versions before and after the WSDL upgrade.  These deprecated API methods will 
        be implemented and will be added back to WSDL shared library.

        For WSDL namespace URI forward compatibility, more than one WSDL files should be
        created with "ns/wsdl" as part of namespace, and should be tested with JBI WSDL 
        shared library.  The code level changes should be determined by the testing 
    4.2. Bug/RFE Number(s):
    4.3. In Scope:

    4.4. Out of Scope:
        Backward compatibility with 2004/08 from a parsing standpoint was considered,
        but we decided not to implement it at this time, since it may take much more 
        time and we may benifit too much from it.
    4.5. Interfaces:

        No new interfaces will be introduced, but the JBI public WSDL interfaces under
        open-esb/runtime/base.src/com/sun/jbi/wsdl2 should be comapred between the 
        versions before and after the WSDL upgrade in order to identify the deprecated 
    4.6. Doc Impact:

        There may be some information required in the JBI developer guide about the 
        deprecated methods which will be add back to the WSDL shared library.

        We may also would like to mention in the doc that the WSDL shared library is 
        going to support the current version of WSDL namespace URI which 
        is "2006/01/wsdl", as well as the upcoming one which is "ns/wsdl".

    4.7. Admin/Config Impact:
    4.8. HA Impact:

    4.9. I18N/L10N Impact:

    4.10. Packaging & Delivery:

	None if we do not implement the backward compatibility with 2004/08 from a 
        parsing standpoint.
    4.11. Security Impact:

    4.12. Dependencies:


5. Reference Documents:

6. Resources and Schedule:
   6.1. Projected Availability:
	Auguest 2007

   6.2. Cost of Effort:

	Three weeks one person.

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