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General Description

The JDBC Binding Component provides a comprehensive solution for configuring and connecting to databases that support JDBC from within a JBI environment. JDBC Binding Component is a JBI component that provides data base operations as services. JDBC Binding component exposes both DML and DDL operations as web services. These webservices would be invoked by other JBI components acting as consumers.The services exposed by JDBC BC are actually SQL operations on tables viz., insert, update, delete, find (select) and poll(select operation, when JDBC Binging Component acts as a consumer)

JDBC BC as Provider

JDBC Binding component acts as a provider in case of outbound message flow. JDBC Binding Component acts as an external service provider when it is being "invoked" by other engines and components. In this role when it receives a normalized message as part of the message exchange, it converts and extracts the sql operation. The sql operation then executed on the specified database.

JDBC BC as Consumer

JDBC Binding Component acts as a consumer in case of inbound message flow. JDBC Binding Component poll messages from a particualr table (viz., a staging table) constructs a normalized message and sends as part of the message exchange.

JDBC BC WSDL Extensibility Elements

The JDBC WSDL extensibility element is a template used to construct an instance of a JDBC WSDL. The JDBC WSDL extensibility elements contains information for constructing the JDBC message by specifying the message parts, message formats, properties mapping, and other message related information necessary for the JDBC Binding Component to properly map message exchanges to JDBC messages and vice versa. The JDBC WSDL extensibility elements also contain information about which database it connects.

JDBC Functional Specification

Cluster Support for JDBC BC

Using the JDBC Binding Component

Use Cases

User Guide

Supporting Database's

  • Oracle 9,10g
  • DB2
  • SQL Server,
  • Derby

Future enhancements and features

  • Transaction Support

Unsupported Features


  • DesignTime (nbm's)
    • What all you need from the below link?
      • (org-netbeans-modules-wsdlextensions-jdbc.nbm, org-netbeans-modules-sql-help.nbm, org-netbeans-modules-sql-project.nbm, org-netbeans-modules-sql-wizard.nbm)

  • Runtime
    • What all you need from the below link?
      • (jdbcbc.jar )


JDBC BC Demo on Netbeans 6.0


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