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JMS BC Configuration Settings

This is a resource for finding the required configuration settings to use the JMS BC from OpenESB / GlassFish ESB with most JMS servers.

If you have a request for a JMS server that is not in this list, please request this on the users mailing list alias. See the mailing lists page for more information.

Using JMS BC with ActiveMQ

You can configure the JMS BC to connect to an ActiveMQ broker via its built-in, client-side JNDI support. This makes it possible to configure a connection to an external broker or to start an embedded broker for transient messaging on a specified port. For each of these methods, it is advised that you add activemq-all-x.x.x.jar to your domain's classpath (e.g. by dropping it into glassfish\domains\domain1\lib\ext).

Connecting to an external ActiveMQ broker (non-XA)

NB: This only applies for .

One or more destination-neutral connection factories (non-XA) can be declared in the JNDI settings of the JMSJCA options to be read when the InitialContext is created. XA interfaces need to be bound to a JNDI server manually to be used with OpenESB.

JMSJCA Option Value Description
java.naming.factory.initial org.apache.activemq.jndi.ActiveMQInitialContextFactory The client-side JNDI initial context
java.naming.provider.url tcp://host:port Default is tcp://localhost:61616
connectionFactoryNames ConnectionFactory,QueueConnectionFactory,TopicConnectionFactory Any list of names will do and we don't need multiple factories since the ActiveMQConnectionFactory factory retrieved implements each of the ConnectionFactory, QueueConnectionFactory and TopicConnectionFactory
JMSJCA.UnifiedCFConnectionFactoryAs defined in the connectionFactoryNames, above
JMSJCA.TopicCFTopicConnectionFactory As defined in the connectionFactoryNames, above
JMSJCA.QueueCFQueueConnectionFactoryAs defined in the connectionFactoryNames, above

Sample WSDL:

     <service name="JMSOutService">
        <port name="Write_OutPort" binding="tns:JMSOutBinding">
            <jms:address connectionURL="jndi://" username="admin" password="admin">
                <jms:jmsjcaOptions><![CDATA[#For JNDI (ConnectionURL=jndi://)

Starting and connecting to an internal ActiveMQ broker (non-XA)

As above, but set:


This URL ensures that the first connection created will start the broker (connect=true is the default) and provides a 5 second delay before the connection is formed for the broker to start. More options can be found here.

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