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What is the JMSJCA Wizard?

Using the JMSJCA Wizard

JMSJCA Wizard provides tooling support for Java EE users to easily connect to JMS message servers from their Java EE applications. The wizard is written as a NetBeans IDE plugin module. The wizard provides GUI support for JMSJCA inbound configuration, and code fragment generation through drag-n-drop from code palette. The wizard leverages EJB 3.0 and JCA 1.5 APIs to simplify the user experience.

The runtime components are the Glassfish Appserver and JMSJCA Adapter. Glassfish is the open source Java EE application server, and JMSJCA Adapter is the open source JCA 1.5 compliant resource adapter. Advantage of using JMSJCA Adapter is that it allows user to connect to different vendor's message server transparently, such as Websphere JMS, Weblogic JMS, jBoss JMS, and Sun MQ. For more information regarding these components, go to Glassfish Project and JMSJCA Project .

All the relevant components required by JMSJCA Wizard are packaged in the GlassFish ESB installer, which includes the NetBeans IDE, JMSJCA Wizard plugin module, Glassfish Appserver, JMSJCA Adapter in addition to other Open ESB components.

How to use JMSJCA Wizard?

System requirements and dependencies

No special requirements


Please post questions on the OpenESB mailing list. File bugs in the OpenESB issue tracker; use the JMSJCA Wizard category.

Evolution of the JMSJCA Wizard

What is new?

The wizard is complete. No new features have been planned.


Developers working on the JMSJCA Wizard: EdwardChou

Developing the JMSJCA Wizard

JMSJCA Wizard Source Code

The source code resides in the NetBeans Mercurial repository, "soa-dev" branch. The URL for the repository is
    • instructions on how to check-out NetBeans source code
    • the subdirectory names for JMSJCA Wizard code are "soa.jca.base" and "soa.jca.jms".

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