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Features (including JUnit tests)

  • HTTP extensibility elements (Bing’s work)
  • Validation of extensibility elements using design-time tools (Ritesh has details)


Milestone Drop 1 (04/28/2006)
  1. Begin refactoring current code. Update all JUnit test cases.
  2. Extend test case framework to support negative tests and long running test cases
Milestone Drop 2 (05/31/2006)
  1. Complete refactoring current code. Update all JUnit test cases.
  2. Integrate HTTP extensibility element
  3. Complete runtime WSDL validator
  4. Create test cases for negative tests from beta release
Milestone Drop 3 (06/23/2006) *Feature freeze release*
  1. Add design-time validation support
  2. Fix known bugs
Beta drop (07/30/2006)
  1. Continue fixing known bugs
  2. Bug fixes
  3. Minor cleanup
Expected GA Date (08/22/2006)
  1. Bug fixes
  2. Final changes to comply with release criteria

Known Bugs to be fixed

  • Please see the project plan for updated list of bugs

Engineering Tasks

  • Refactor all current code
  • Add JUnit, driver test cases, or other types of test for bugs that we’ve fixed but didn’t have the framework to properly test.

Release Criteria

  • Memory footprint
  • Startup time
  • Download size
  • Installation size

Release Artifacts (will include a list of all jar files and third-party jar files)

  • Runtime JBI module
  • Design-time Netbeans module


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