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Server Resources for Java EE application packaged inside a CompositeApp


Java EE application that is packaged inside a CompositeApp might need its resource dependencies pre-created inside Application Server before the CompositeApp is deployed to Application Server. These resources can be connection pools, JMS destinations, etc. The goal is to make it easy for developers to resolve resource dependencies, by combining all the resource dependencies of Java EE application into a single sun-resources.xml, and package this file inside the .ear/.jar/.war file. During deployment time, Application Server will be able to read this sun-resources.xml file and automatically create the resources in the sun-resources.xml.


please see attached Design Doc

UI Specification

please see attached UI Spec

Test Plan

please see attached Test Plan

Test Procedure

  • Unzip attached zip file containing Netbeans test projects Zip
  • Install Glassfish V2 build
  • Install Netbeans IDE 5.5.1 + EnterprisePack 5.5.1 build
  • create Glassfish domain with default settings (ant -f setup.xml)
  • start Glassfish domain (asadmin start-domain)
  • start Glassfish database (asadmin start-database)
  • start NetBeans IDE
  • set Glassfish domain as NetBeans IDE's Runtime Application Server
  • open in NetBeans the CompositeApp project conained in the zip file, ServerResourceCompositeApp
  • Clean and Build project
  • Deploy project
  • Run the 9 TestCases under Test folder of ServerResourceCompositeApp project, they should all pass in a clean environment
  • Undeploy project
  • Various negative testcases can be run also, but that requirement manually testing

Issues Track

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