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JBI CDK (JBI Component Development Kit) NBM files (info) - unzip the downloaded zip file and install all the nbm files in the zip file using netbeans plugin install procedure in the Netbeans 6.1 IDE. (Also seems to work in 6.5.1)

Source code

JBI CDK Source code is checked into the open jbi components cvs repository. To check-out and build the source follow these steps

  • cvs check out the source code - cvs -d:pserver: < username > open-jbi-components/jbi-cdk
  • start the Netbeans 6.1 IDE and open the open-jbi-components/jbi-cdk/jbisupport module suite and build it.

JBI CDK Sources (info)


JBI CDK Service Engine Project Demo (info)
JBI CDK Service Engine Deployment Plugin (JBIModule) Demo (info)
JBI CDK Binding Component Project Demo (info)
JBI CDK Binding Component Deployment Plugin Demo (info)



JBI CDK Milestones


Review Notes


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Likely customization steps for BC deployment plugin

After starting the BC deployment plugin project, you will be wondering what edits you need to make to enable configuration for your component. Hopefully more documentation will be available later, but for now these steps may help:

1. most likely the main thing you would want to do after the project creation is to change/rename the wsdl extension elements/attribute generated to suite your component. To do that

1.a. - modify the xsd file that defines the schema for your extension elements/attribute - it is generated in the base package in the plugin with BindingWsdlExt.xsd
1.b - change the correponding XAM model - .model.* classes
1.c - change the template that provides the default values .template/template.xml
1.d - if you want to have a validation for your extension elements change .validator/

2. if you change the namespace of your extension - search and replace the namespace url in your source :-)

3. if you change your component name and other configuration - fix it in layer.xml under folder element in base package

I think this wiki page will be useful in more advanced usecases.

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