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Instructions for updating Open ESB binaries in a GlassFish installation.

This is a solution to address use cases in which developers have an installation of GlassFish and want to update the JBI binaries from a more recent build.


Download jbi-core-installer.jar

Download the installer jar corresponding to the build that has your fixes.
The core installer could be downloaded from

Stop all running domains

The core installer updates the binaries in AS_INSTALL/jbi. But to prevent issues of file locking, please stop all running domains.

asadmin stop-domain [domain-name] 

Run the core installer

Note down the version of Open ESB bits in AS_INSTALL/jbi/jbi.ver
Copy the installer to AS_INSTALL.

java -jar AS_INSTALL/jbi-core-installer.jar AS_INSTALL install


After installation is complete, you can view the Project Open ESB version updated in /jbi/jbi.ver

System components

If you are interested in using updated Open ESB system components, sun-http-binding, sun-javaee-engine, sun-wsdl-library you have to follow two options

Create a new domain

You can create a new domain or delete and recreate an existing domain to get the latest system components in the domain repository.

Update components manually

If you are interested in particular system component and are not interested in recreating the domain, you can update the system component as

asadmin upgrade-jbi-component AS_INSTALL/jbi/components/

Version check:

The core installer performs a version check and updates the binaries only if the existing version is older than the bits in the installer.
If you would like to override this behavior, please use overwrite option while running the core installer

java -jar jbi-core-installer.jar <appserver-install-root> install overwrite

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