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Task: jbi-list-configuration

Task: jbi-list-component-configuration


This task lists the component configuration parameters for a JBI component.

Example Output - Component Configuration

Component Configurations for "sun-http-binding" on Target "cluster1"
Instance name: cluster1-instance1

Instance name: cluster1-instance2 HttpDefaultPort=8081 OutboundThreads=22 ProxyPassword=**** ProxyUserName=admin ....


Attribute Description Required
host The machine name where the Domain Administration Server (DAS) is running. The default value is localhost. No
port The HTTP/S port for DAS administration. The default value is 4848. No
secure If set to true, uses SSL/TLS to communicate with the DAS. No
username The authorized DAS administrator user name. Yes
password Password for user authentication. Yes. Not required if passwordfile is set.
passwordfile This application server-specific attribute processes the password from a properties file with the property "AS_ADMIN_PASSWORD". If you set the password and passwordfile attribute, passwordfile takes precedence. No
failOnError Signal task failure to Ant. The default value is "true". No
componentName Lists the configuration information for this component. No
target Specifies where the JBI administration tasks are performed. The default value is 'server'. No

Nested Elements


This nested element is an optional child element. This element takes a name for listing the component configuration parameter. If none of param elements is specified, this task will list all of the component configuration parameters.

Attribute Description Required
name Name of the configuration parameter. Yes

Target Attribute Values

Target Attribute Value Behavior
'server' When the target option is not specified, or the literal string 'server' is specified, the task is executed against the embedded DAS server instance.
'domain' When the target option is the literal string 'domain', the task is executed against the domain itself, but not to any instances or clusters running on the domain.
<cluster-name> When a <cluster-name> is specified, the task is executed against all instances in the specified cluster.
<instance-name> When an <instance-name> is specified, the task is executed against the specific instance specified.


Load JBI task definitions.
Note:  This task is not included in the default task definitions in the asant environment.
You need to load the JBI task definitions in the Ant script in the asant environment.
<taskdef resource="com/sun/jbi/ui/ant/antlib.xml" />
<!-- list all configuration parameters for a service engine with name="my_engine_name" -->
<jbi-list-component-configuration componentName="my_engine_name" />

<!-- list a particular configuration parameter for service engine configuration with name="my_engine_name" --> <jbi-list-component-configuration componentName="my_engine_name" > <param name=ABCD /> </jbi-list-configuration >

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