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Task: jbi-update-component


This task updates the already installed component in the JBI runtime. This task is deprecated, and it is replaced by jbi-upgrade-component


Attribute Description Required
host The machine name where the Domain Administration Server (DAS) is running. The default value is localhost. No
port The HTTP/S port for DAS administration. The default value is 4848. No
secure If set to true, uses SSL/TLS to communicate with the DAS. No
username The authorized DAS administrator user name. Yes
password Password for user authentication. Yes. Not required if passwordfile is set.
passwordfile This aplication server-specific attribute processes the password from a properties file with the property "AS_ADMIN_PASSWORD". If you set the password and passwordfile attribute, passwordfile takes precedence. No
failOnError Signal task failure to Ant. The default value is "true". No
name name of the component to update. The component with this name must exist in the JBI runtime. Yes
file Path to an archive file that contains the updated component implementation. Yes


Load JBI task definitions.
Note:  This task is not included in the default task definitions in the asant environment.
you need to load the JBI task defininitions in the Ant script in the asant environment.
<taskdef resource="com/sun/jbi/ui/ant/antlib.xml" />
<!-- update the existing service engine with name "my-engine" 
with new code in file. -->
<jbi-update-component name="my-service-engine" file="/mydir/" />

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