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Configuring GlassFish ESB for Clustering


Configuring the Java EE Service Engine for Clustering

There are no configuration requirements to run the Java EE SE in a clustered environment. The Java EE SE is automatically added to any clusters you create, so you only need to start the service engine to enable it.

The Java EE SE is dependent on the following shared library:

  • Sun WSDL Shared Library

To Add the Java EE Service Engine to the Cluster

  1. Add the following shared library to the cluster as described in To Add a Shared Library to a Cluster:
    • sun-wsdl-library
  2. In the left navigation panel of the GlassFish Admin Console, expand JBI, expand Components, and then select sun-javaee-engine.
  3. Click the Targets tab.
  4. Select the check box next to the cluster, and then click Start.

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