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Configuring GlassFish ESB for Clustering


Configuring the JMS Binding Component for Clustering

The JMS BC can be configured to use queues or durable topics on either clustered JMS brokers or an independent JMS server. In a GlassFish cluster, JMS queues and durable topics are supported on independent JMS servers, but non-durable topics are not supported. With non-durable topics, the BC on each instance is treated as an independent subscriber, which results in duplicate messages in GlassFish ESB. However, non-durable topics do work on a JMS cluster with a standalone GlassFish instance.

More information about JMS BC clustering is provided at JMS Binding Component Clustering in Using the JMS Binding Component. For more information about JMS clustering, see Broker Clusters in the Sun Java System Message Queue 4.1 Administration Guide and Java Message Service Load Balancing and Failover in the Sun GlassFish Enterprise Server 2.1 High Availability Administration Guide.

The JMS BC is dependent on the following shared library:

  • Sun Encoder Library

To Add the JMS Binding Component to the Cluster

  1. Add the following shared library to the cluster as described in To Add a Shared Library to a Cluster:
    • sun-encoder-library
  2. Add the JMS BC to the cluster as described in To Add a GlassFish ESB Component to a Cluster.
    The name of the JMS BC node is sun-jms-binding.
  3. Before you click OK on the Manage Targets page, modify the number of threads if necessary.

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