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Using the Enterprise Data Mashup Service Engine


Known Data Mashup Issues

This topic lists known Data Mashup issues.

Issue 37 – Derby database failure
The Derby database fails if an application configuration is used and the URL is not explicitly defined; however, the Derby database works fine when the application configuration for the project is not used. This issue is connected with the Connection Pool configuration for Derby. The URL property is mandatory and you must explicitly add the property.
Issue 65 – The first record is missing when viewing data in a browser
During runtime, after the pagination is set in the request URL, the retrieval of the first record from the query. You can verify this by executing Show Data in the Join condition in the EDM Editor. What follows are row and column combinations for the of the first row:
** Page, row, and column are mandatory fields (apart from runtime arguments).
** If page=0&row=1&column=0, it should display first page.
** If page=1&row=1&column=0, ignore it if it is to show only the 1st row.
** If page=1&row=-1&column=0 and if it has an invalid row number, it ignores the row and displays the 1st page.
** If page=1&row=1&column=Field1, only the value of Field1 of the 1st row is displayed.
** If page=1&row=1&column=invalid Field and if the column value is invalid, only the 1st row with all the fields is displayed.
Issue 89 – Data Mashup module deploys with an invalid application configuration name
The Data Mashup module is deployed even if the application configuration name that is specified is invalid. For example, if the Application Configuration name changes from FF_x to FF_AC, this does not prevent the Data Mashup module from deploying.


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