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1. Introduction
   1.1. Project/Component Working Name:

	MQ Series Binding Component

   1.2. Name(s) and e-mail address of Document Author(s)/Supplier:

               Rulong Chen: Rulong.Chen@Sun.Com

   1.3. Date of This Document:

2. Project Summary
   2.1.  Project Description:
   Mqbc is a binding component that provides both service provider and consumer end point connections to IBM MQ Serious.  
   Mqbc uses MQ Base Java API and mainly provide jbi connection to MQ series on two MQ verbs: mqget and mqput.

   Mqbc has two parts: design time wsdl extension element and runtime. The design time is Netbeans ent-pack plug-in that enables user to    
   build wsdl that has mqbc binding. The runtime is a jar file that installed to AppSrever 9.1 under JBI category.

2.2.Risks and Assumptions:
   Mqbc runtime relies on Whenever IBM changes their API support, it may affect mqbc.  The mqbc can not support XA.

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