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MQ Binding WSDL Extensibility Elements

The MQ WSDL extensibility elements allow the user to "configure" 3 groups of information for the MQ Binding Component: MQ address information, MQ message body and message header, MQ operations

This page describes the elements for each of these 3 groups.

MQ address information

The MQ address extensibily element allows the user to specify the connectivity information to the MQ manager.

MQ address element attributes:

Attribute NameDescriptionMandatoryExample
hostNamethe host name or ip address where mq q mgr resides Yes rchen-2k
portNumberthe port q mgr yes1414
queuemanagernamequeue manager name yesrchen2kmq6qmgr
channelName the name the server channel yes svrconnchnl
userid user idno
password password no

A sample usage:

<service name="serviceMQ">
        <port name="portMqPut" binding="tns:bindingMqPut">
            <mq:address hostName="rchen-2k" portNumber="1414" queueManagerName="rchen2kmq6qmgr" channelName="svrconnchnl"/>

MQ binding operation information

The MQ operation extensibily element allows the user to specify the operation target queue name and operation attributes

MQ operation element attributes:

Attribute NameDescriptionMandatoryExample
queueNamethe name of the queue we will put orrecv message yes queue2
transactionspecify the message action is transactional requirement. if user do not specify value, we default to no transaction NoNoTransaction
queueOpenOptions the queue can be opened with certain option. If value 0 is entered, the queue will be openned with default options No 0
pollingInterval Defines the polling interval that MQ BC polls target queue for inbound message. The polling interval is specified in milliseconds and has a default value of 1000ms. This attribute has no effect for mqput. No 5000

A sample usage:

 <mq:operation queueName="queue2" operationType="mqput" transaction="NoTransaction" queueOpenOptions="2000"/>

MQ header and message information

The MQ header or message extensibily element allows the user to specify the parts name of the payload or header.

A sample usage:

<input name="input1MqPut">
                    <mq:correlationId parts="correlationid"/>
                    <mq:messageId parts="messageSequenceNum"/>
                <mq:mqmessage mqMessageBody="mqMessageTextBody" 

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