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MQ Series Binding Component

What is the MQ Series Binding Component?

The MQ Series Binding Component (MQ BC) is software that provides connectivity to WebSphere MQ (formerly known as MQSeries), IBM's middleware messaging system. MQ BC is implemented as a Java Business Integration (JBI) 1.0 compliant binding component.

Using the MQ Binding Component

User Documentation


Current release provides the following features:

  • Support for OpenESB.
  • Netbeans plug-in compliant with Netbeans enterprise suite.

System Requirements

MQBC Roadmap

The currently defined roadmap for MQBC includes:


Contact Us

Mailing Lists

For questions and feedback please use the Open ESB mailing lists.


Inside MQBC

Development Status

Project Architecture

Source Code

The source code for the MQBC project is located under Open JBI Components CVS. The source is located under the mqbc directory.

Issue Tracker

Go to the Open JBI Components Issue Tracker to submit issues. Please choose MQBC as the subcomponent.

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