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The requirements listed here are based on QAI feedback from MQeWay 5XX users. Since there is a big thinking shift from MQeWay 5xx to MQ BC, some of the requirements are not suitable for transport based BC. In eWay511, the ultimate endpoint is the external system, so we have many external system specific configurations. But MQ BC is more regarded as transport, the external system is mere a transport layer. So, we do not provide as much configuration points as MQeWay 5xx.

  • Performance requirements (TBD)
  • XA support
  • parallel put and recv message
  • Support queue alias and remote queue

Use cases

1. Web service client puts a message into queue. The message has string/byte body and two header id fields.

2. Web service server receives the message from the queue. first message from the queue will be received.

3. Web service server receives the message from the queue but does not delete the message from the queue, web service only peeks the queue and get message content. Some comment from field services: One of our prospective customers (ING) uses certain MQ queues as datastores (not something IBM recommends, but I’ve seen other companies do the same). They have services and clients, and the clients determine the relevant service queue by browsing (non-destructively) the datastore queue for a row with the service name they are interested in, when they find this row, one of the columns is the name of the queue used to invoke the service.

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