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Using the Scheduler Binding Component


Monitoring a Scheduler Binding Component Project

You can monitor a deployed Scheduler project from the GlassFish Admin Console.

The Admin Console monitors the following statistics for your Scheduler Binding Component:

  • Summary Statistics, such as up time, activated endpoints, completed exchanges, error exchanges, and so forth.
  • Message Exchange Statistics, such as response times.
  • Endpoint Statistics, such as received and sent requests, replies, errors, and so forth.
  • Component Provided Statistics, such as Last Update, Next Trigger, Number of executed jobs, and active triggers.

Open the Admin Console Scheduler BC Monitoring Window

  1. From the NetBeans Services window, right-click GlassFish V2 under Servers and choose View Admin Console from the pop-up menu. You can also access the Admin Console at http://localhost:4848/login.jsf.
  2. In the Admin Console's Common Tasks tree, select sun-scheduler-binding under JBI → Components.
  3. Select the Monitoring tab.
    Image shows the Admin Console Monitoring Window as described in context

  4. To see the latest statistics, refresh your screen regularly.


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