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(Status: Incubation) The support for WS-Notification has three phases:

  • interoperating with third-party WS-Notification implementations
  • providing a basic subset of WS-Notification features in a JBI Service Engine
  • providing enhancements and tools (and a more advanced subset of WS-Notification features)
Project/Use Cases/Intro
  • The purpose of this tabbed wiki page is to provide enough information to Doc and QE/QA to complete their documentation and testing.
  • Use-case related information provided here:
    1. Actors - participating in the use-cases
    2. Primary Use Case - the main Basic Flow ("happy-path") use case (no error paths)
    3. Alternate Use Cases... - several alternative Basic Flow ("happy-path") use-cases (no error paths)
Project/Use Cases/Actors
  1. Administrator - a person who sets up and manages subcriptions, consumers, and producers
  2. Notification Consumer - a web service or JBI endpoint with a notify operation (to receive notifications)
  3. Notification Producer - (A) a web service or JBI endpoint with a subscribe (to receive new subscription requests) operation
    (B) a web or JBI client that sends a notification
  4. Subscription Manager - a web service or JBI endpoint that can alter (e.g. extend or terminate) a subscription
  5. Subscriber - a web or JBI client that subscribes a consumer
  6. User - a person that creates an event that results in a notification, or inspects a received notification
Project/Use Cases/Primary Use Case

Use Case Name
Send a notification to a consumer
Date written
2008 October
The broker (a producer) creates a notification and sends it to a subscribed consumer
Notification Producer, Notification Consumer
Preconditions & Assumptions
1 - The consumer's endpoint was previously subscribed to a topic (with a filter)
2 - the notification's topic is valid for at least one consumer (passes the filter)
Basic Flow: User Action
1 The user creates an event that causes a producer to send a notification to the subscribed consumer
2 The user verifies that the subscribed consumer received the correct notification
Basic Flow: System Action
The broker (producer) finds a subscribed consumer for the notification and invokes the notify operation
Post Conditions
No change to the system
Project/Use Cases/Alternate Use Cases/Summary
  • Subscription - subscribe self/other; subscription expiration, extension, termination
  • Filtering - topic filtering: none/simple/advanced
  • Pull Points - creating/deleting; getting messages

Project/Use Cases/Alternate Use Cases/Subscriptions

See the Primary Use Case for actors

  • Subscribe self
  • Subscribe other
  • Subscription expires
  • Extend subscription
  • Terminate subscription
Project/Use Cases/Alternate Use Cases/Filtering

See the Primary Use Case for actors

  • No Filtering
  • Simple Filter
  • Advanced Filter
Project/Use Cases/Alternate Use Cases/Pull Points

See the Primary Use Case for actors

  • Create Pull Point
  • Get notification from a Pull Point
  • Destroy a Pull Point
Project/Design Details
  • tbd
  • tbd

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