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Open ESB v3

Open ESB v3 is next iteration of Open ESB platform where we are bringing OSGi and JBI technologies together to create a powerful integration platform, that helps you create an ESB infrastructure that suits to your deployment needs. Project Fuji forms the core plumbing for this next version of the project. All the components at Open JBI Components will be available on this infrastructure very shortly (some of them can already run on the POC version we have at Fuji. The significant thing is that since Fuji is essentially a JBI container but running on OSGi, any JBI component can run there (in the current POC version, not all the JBI management functionality is fully available, hence the component installation etc., is requires a slight modification to the manifest file of jbi component jar file which adds in some OSGi related attributes).

Open ESB v2 today in addition to GlassFish supports other containers like Java SE, JBoss, and WebSphere, however, this support is somewhat limited. With Open ESB v3, with the help of community, these additional containers will be supported. However, Open ESB v3 bundle itself is available as an appserver agnostic download. That means, the binary versions you would be getting are a set of OSGi bundles that you can install into any OSGi container (although our testing will be primarily with Apache Felix).

GlassFish support that's currently available in Open ESB v2 will be moved into a separate project called GlassFishESB. In other words, GlassFishESB is a community that takes Open ESB v3 implementation and GlassFish v3, and adds in any integration and add-on value that's required to take advantage of GlassFish (for example, clustering and failover etc.).

Open ESB v3 = Project Fuji + Project Open JBI Components
GlassFishESB = Open ESB v3 + GlassFish + GF specific integration modules + Open SSO + .. +

There may be additional subprojects for various containers like WebSphere, JBoss etc., if the community demands it.

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